JB's favourite dessert

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Take 3 biscuits per person, and grind them into a powder using a mixer or simply bashing them around a bit! Spoon the powder into the bottom of tall transparent glasses.

Cut the peaches into small chunks, two halves per person. Dollop onto the biscuit powder in the glasses.

Fill the rest of the glasses with the fromage frais.

Place in the fridge until dessert-time.


Before serving, add a topping such as icing sugar and a frozen mint leaf or cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.






Belgian Speculoos biscuits ('Lotus' caramelized biscuits in English supermarkets)

Peache halves in syrup

Plain fromage frais


Bon appétit! 




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valentino 10/01/2010 13:07

mmm ..I am sure that ca me plait beacoup I love dessert and this seems great !!