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September moor cake

Mix the flour and the sugar in a bowl. Add the yeast and the almond powder. Melt the butter and pour into the mixture. Crush the pistachios until you have a fine powder. Add to the flour mixture along with the blueberries and vanilla. Give it all a good...

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The P&P purée

Peel and cut the potatoes and the parsnips into small pieces. Put them in boiled water with a chicken stock cube. When soft, mash up the pieces. Add some milk and some salt and pepper. Put into a hot oven. Ingredients Potatoes Parsnips 1 chicken stock...

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Treasure apples

Cut the tops of the apples (keep for later) and remove and throw away the core. Fill it with dark chocolate and cover with coconut powder and sugar. Cut the plums in fine slices and put it in a hot pan with sugar. When the smell is changing from candy...

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